Cutting edge technology leading to more fresh cheese.

The consumption of fresh cheeses is recent. The ancient producers consumed very little fresh cheese, ricotta, for example, and only while on the move during the year to climb and descend from the mountains or to move from one farm to another on the plains in the cyclical processes of San Martino. In the past, it would have been difficult to keep fresh cheese. Today on the other hand, both through the use of a constant temperature and suitable modern wrapping materials this is done with great success. Packaging is applied by advanced machinery to protect the cheese, by replacing the oxygen with inert gas mixtures which are carefully dosed, this keeps the aroma and flavors of the cheeses intact for a long time without any harm to the consumer.
The same applies for the classic Quartirolo Lombardo, for the antique Crescenza Stracchino, for fresh cow’s or goat’s milk Capriccio, Robiola spalmabile and Fior di Capra and even more for Arri-Arri, the successful combination of Gorgonzola and Mascarpone, which although very young as a product, demands the highest attention and safety.