Arrigoni is one of the most complete national dairies, both in terms of production and that of its commercial organization.
At the national level it gained a prominent position back in the ‘80s by playing the role of precursor of the large retail partners in the development of the first Private Label. This policy has been maintained over the years granting Arrigoni, with some of its products, the leadership in this field.
Along side this initial development, the strategy of launching its own brand was developed. This brand is now present in the displays and on the shelves of most major national chains as well as in the traditional distribution channel.
The brand Arrigoni is present even on the foreign market, thanks to the prestigious collaborations with some of the most significant importers in the most important countries of the world, in particular with Germany, the UK, the USA, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Netherlands.
Even in these countries, it has become an important partner in the Large Scale Retail Chains (GDO) as a partner both in developing the Private Label brand and the Arrigoni brand. The foreign activity of Arrigoni differs also thanks to its primary role on the market for products from organic farming, in which they have recently become a leader.