The production factory of Pagazzano is a modern newly built structure.
It spreads over an area of 60,000 square meters of which about 15,000 are covered. Each room is air-conditioned by way of modern ventilation systems throughout the plant and works constantly in a pressurized state.
This factory produces Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Quartirolo Lombardo and Crescenza as well as some of our “Unique” cheeses. Part of the production is made with milk from Organic Agriculture.
The cheese factory has a production capacity of more than 200,000 kilograms of milk per day on two different production lines.
The main production line is a modern conceptually advanced automated line of vats, designed in such a way as to guarantee the utmost attention to quality and product differentiation according to the channel of its final destination. The second production line, more traditional one, is designed with classic multi-functional caldrons used for the production of blue cheese and some of our “Unique” cheeses.
In the Pagazzano factory there are two different sections of maturation. One is devoted to green cheeses, and the second is the maturation of washed rind cheeses.
All aging cells are equipped with a dynamic cooling system that creates the ideal condition for the aging process of the product. It is essential to emphasize that the entire cycle of production, processing of milk, heating, ageing and packaging takes place within the structure of Pagazzano.
Technology and flexibility have formed the basis of the development of the packaging area which, thanks to modern systems, can satisfy all manner of portion packaging requirements including modified atmosphere,thermo-retractable, vacuum and heatsealed packaging.
This area is divided into different departments: Gorgonzola, mature, washed-rind and fresh cheeses.
Still in the municipality of Pagazzano, in the close vicinity of the dairy, is our own farm, which includes the cattle and swine sheds.
All this is surrounded by approximately 400 hectares of leased land. The cattle farm provides a part of the current quantity of converted milk.
The rest comes only from certified farms located within a maximum radius of 30 km of the dairy, close alliances that in some cases have existed for over twenty years.