The social and economic development of an area cannot overlook the evolution of the local community and the correct relationship between enterprise and its area of reference.
Arrigoni has always been a company with strong roots in its local area. In fact, the milk used for production comes entirely from contributor milking sheds located in the neighbouring areas of the dairy, so as to optimise milk collection rounds and satisfy cooling requirements.
Arrigoni can boast a longstanding relationship with most of the contributing parlours, guaranteeing the genuine nature of the raw material.
Even the haulage contractors have a longstanding relationship with Arrigoni and every year take part in a company training program on correct milk collection procedures.
In compliance with quality procedures, milk samples are analysed every evening, and milk collection rounds are periodically verified through visits to the cattle sheds by qualified company personnel.
Constant supervision of this activity is guaranteed by the milk manager, a position created by the company to follow all the processing phases of the raw material, from the milking parlour to the production plant.
This figure maintains relationships with contributors and transporters, plans the milk collection, analyses the parameters measured in the laboratory, guarantees the volumes and quality of the milk and assesses new milking parlours to be included in the collection rounds.
Careful attention is also paid to animal hygiene and wellbeing, in line with parameters, guaranteeing the best quality raw material at all times.