Standing behind the term “Unique Arrigoni” are 2 basic concepts.

The first is related to products that have absolute uniqueness as a common characteristic. They are the cornerstones of the Italian dairy tradition such as the Stracchino of Vedeseta or Strachìtunt and are the result of the interpretative ability of the dairymen and the refinement of the company. The second concept is that which involves Arrigoni in its own integrity which is made up of passion, desire, knowledge and skills of interpretation. Starting from the concept that nothing in the cheese sector is perfectly repeatable because they are too many factors over time and against the best of intentions that make products different. (Animal feed, production tools, the place of production and ageing) The common denominator remains only the skill and experience of man. Nowadays innovating with a careful eye to tradition means taking note of the fact that it is unrepeatable. It is necessary to take one’s own wealth of knowledge and place it all at the service of innovation. Our own company wanted to be strongly and contemporarily involved in the areas of maintenance and renewal, which are apparently opposites but strongly united by a spirit of awareness and willingness to put oneself “on the line” every day. At the same time, we carry out research to give rise to cheeses such as Rossini and Torregio which now strong identify our production.

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