The Gorgonzola DOP BIO to serve by spoon Take Away line wins the Bio & Consumi Awards 202 1

The Gorgonzola DOP BIO to serve by spoon from Arrigoni Battista‘s Take Away line received the Bio & Consumi Awards 2021 in the cheese section at Sana, the important international fair dedicated to the world of organic and natural products.

Reserved for organic products presented in the last year, the competition, now in its sixth edition and organized by Tespi Mediagroup to reward the companies of excellence, recognized the work done by the company from Pagazzano (BG) in proposing an innovative format: Plastic tray, Take Away tray guarantees the same flavor and the same high creaminess of the product of the cutting counter, but adds practicality, a longer shelf life than the product processed at the point of sale and a high guarantee of food safety. The packaging is also 100% recyclable and made in part with recycled material.

The Take Away line was created to meet the needs of distribution because it provides products ready for display on the counters without further processing. It is a practical solution both for distribution chains and for the final consumer and includes the main traditional and fresh cheeses of Arrigoni Battista already portioned and packaged in trays: in addition to Gorgonzola DOP Dolce Bio spoon, Taleggio DOP, Gorgonzola DOP Dolce, Gorgonzola PDO Sweet to be served with a spoon, blue pepper Lucifero, Stracchino, Primosale, Quartirolo Lombardo PDO Fresco and Capriccio spreadable.

This recognition increases Arrigoni Battista’s already large palmares and confirms both the appreciation for the qualitative excellence of Gorgonzola DOP to be distributed by Arrigoni’s spoon, the flagship of the company’s wide range of cheeses, and the ability to continuously know do research and innovation on traditional products while always protecting their value.