formaggio primo sale

Primosale cheese

A fresh cheese made from full-cream cow’s milk. The cheese is immediately washed in brine and is ready for eating in a matter of hours. Ideal for freshly-made dishes or salads.
TYPICAL NUTRITIONAL VALUES (in 100 g of product)
Energetic value (Kcal) 1128 kJ / 272 Kcal
Fat(g) 21,5 g
Of which Saturates (g) 15,4 g
Carbohydrate (g) 2,7 g
Of which Sugars (g) 1,4 g
Protein (g) 17,0 g
Salt (g) 0,8 g

Production zone
Mainly Lombardy, but also Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia.

Production period
All year

Cow’s milk, salt, rennet.

Delicate and mild, with a characteristic, milky aroma.

None. The curd is drier on the surface.

Elastic, consistent and with small, milk-coloured holes.

confezione 1500 g formaggio primo sale

1500 gr.


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