A flavour explosion


Soak the gelatine in cold water.
Heat the cream, butter and Gorgonzola together, up to a temperature of 85°C.
Remove the gelatine, squeeze well to remove any excess water and insert into the hot mixture. Mix well and leave to cool in the fridge.
Finally chop the friselle and soak them in melted butter. Leave to cool. Prepare a caramel with the honey, add the pistachios and dilute the mixture with the cream.
Take the Gorgonzola mousse and whisk using a hand mixer. Insert the mousse into a piping bag.
Fill the glasses, alternating between a layer of friselle and a layer of caramelised pistachios and top with the gorgonzola mousse.

AICI – Associazione Insegnanti di Cucina Italiana

Claudia Radicchio’s recipe