the new format of Gorgonzola DOP by the spoon

Arrigoni Battista introduces a new format of Gorgonzola DOP to the spoon delicated to the cutting table of the GDO: it is a package with half wheel of abount 4,5 kg of pulp alone.

The rind is in fact remove before packaging, in order to use all the cheese contained in the tray.

The high creaminess of this Gorgonzola remains unchanged, making it a top of the range product, as well as the characteristic sweet flavor, not very strong, suitable for all palates.

To communicate how to best manage the product, a QR code has been inserted on the packaging to be scanned to see the video tutorial.

The tray is made with recyclable materials, is equipped with a lid that preserves the freshness of the contents and guarantees 30 days of shelf life and organoleptic quality at the highest levels.

Gorgonzola with spoon is a historical product of the Lombard tradition that has come back into vogue in recent times.

Gorgonzola is a cheese that has always made creaminess its strong point and Arrigoni Battista has decided to raise this feature to the nth degree, creating a product that adds softness to the typical sweetness that makes it easily spreadable and suitable for multiple uses…


It is in fact perfect for making delicious appetizers, it can be eaten alone on bread or combined with vegetables and baked goods and goes perfectly with traditional recipes of Italian cuisine.