The Bergamo-based company takes home
5 important medals at the prestigious English competition

with the three DOP Taleggio, Gorgonzola Dolce and Gorgonzola Piccante


The cheese Arrigoni Battista continue to reap successes abroad and three DOP products win five major medals – two Gold and three Silver – the prestigious International Cheese & Dairy Awards in 2021 . The Taleggio DOP was decreed, with the medal Gold , ” Best Italian Cheese” , the Gorgonzola DOP Sweet won the Gold medal in the category “Cheeses soft blue cheeses” and the Silver in the category “Cheeses hard marbled” and Gorgonzola DOP Spicy finally, it obtained two Silver medals , one in the “Soft blue cheeses” category and one in the “Best Italian Cheese” category.  The coveted “Best Italian Soft Cheese” award had already been won in 2019 with the Gorgonzola Dolce DOP to be served by the spoon. The international success of the Bergamo-based company therefore continues , which had already won numerous medals even in previous editions of the competition and which confirms itself as one of the main leaders of Made in Italy in dairy exports , thanks above all to the complete supply chain and the wide range of cheeses produced. The International Cheese and Dairy Awards are one of the most important awards in the international dairy world and receive over 5,500 nominations every year . Winning one of these prestigious awards means being part of an elite group and a century-old tradition of the best in class, as well as receiving high profile recognition from UK and international retailers. Arrigoni Battista cheeses participated in the International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2021 through their importer Bradbury . The Arrigoni Battista SpA dairy was born in Pagazzano (BG) and has been operating in the Bergamo area since 1914 : here, from generation to generation, it has set up an integrated supply chain based on tradition and innovation, or rather on the protection of the land and the final product, but also on a constant Research and Development activity in the plant. 

A company that has always been family-run, founded in 1914 by Battista Arrigoni and carried on today by the fourth generation headed by President Marco Arrigoni , with the precious work of more than 100 collaborators . Leading company in the Italian and foreign dairy market – in fact it exports to about forty countries around the world – Arrigoni Battista SpA has achieved important successes over the years , including numerous medals in prestigious international contests such as the World Cheese Awards and the recognition of its Gorgonzola to be distributed by the spoon as “Best Italian Soft Cheese” at the International Cheese Awards 2019 in Nantwich (UK).