The company Arrigoni Battista of Pagazzano (BG) has distinguished itself again among the Italian excellences during the prestigious international contest World Cheese Awards 2019, a landmark edition since was held for the first time in at Bergamo, Italy, hometown of the Lombard agri-food sector.

Among 3.804 cheeses that entered the competition, under the scrutiny of 260 international judges, Arrigoni Battista rises among the competitors with six medals, a score without any precedent and thus confirming itself as the flag bearer of the Lombard diary tradition.


  • Gold medal for “BerghemBlu riserva”, a blue cheese hailing from a special selection of BerghemBlu. Arrigoni would like to dedicate this victory to the city of Bergamo, as it is a blue cheese that pays respect to the locat territory, flavours and traditions.
  • Gold medal for “maggengo”, a cheese from our Linea Unici, that draws inspiration from the cutting of the first hay, the most important and rich with the essences and smell of the Lombard
  • Silver medal for for Gorgonzola PDO Piccante, that once again gets a formal acknowledgement for the tenth time in six years, five among these at the World Cheese Awards.
  • Silver medal for Lucifero a blue cheese of the Linea Unici with the addition of chilli pepper.
  • Bronze Medal for Capriccio, a soft and fresh cheese with an elongated shape, produced from cow milk. This is the first medal won by Arrigoni Battista with a fresh cheese.
  • Bronze medal for BerghemBlu, a blue cheese born from the masterful seasoning of our expert maturers and that brings back to our days the almost forgotten smells and the flavours of the first classic Italian blue cheeses.

Arrigoni Battista thus enriches its medals score won in the last 9 years of World cheese Awards bringing the grand total to a staggering 26 medals in the prestigious world contest. These add up to a total of 41 medals by factoring also other important international competitions.