Cake made with soft cheese and strawberry coulis


In a saucepan take the milk with the sugar to the boiling point, add the isinglass sheets, after having soaked them in cold water, dissolve them and leave to cool.
In a bowl, semi-whip the cream and keep it aside. In another larger bowl, blend the yoghurt and the Capriccio cheese together with a hand mixer, add the milk with the isinglass sheets and delicately fold in the cream.
Pour the cream into the cups or small glasses and leave in the fridge until firm.
In the meantime, prepare the coulis, blending with a hand mixer the strawberries, the sugar and the lemon juice together. Before serving, cover with the coulis the surface of each cup.

AICI – Associazione Insegnanti di Cucina Italiana

Daniela Bovo’s recipe