Flaxseed pasta with Capriccio cheese, walnut and carrot pesto


Clean the spinach and sauté in a pan with the water left over from cleaning. Add some salt and leave to cook for a few minutes. Leave to cool and remove any excess water.
Dice the carrots and parboil for a few minutes. Leave to cool.
Cook the pasta in salted water for the number of minutes indicated.
First blend the spinach with a mixer and then add the roughly chopped walnuts. Add a little oil and some cooking water from the pasta.
Pour the blended mixture into a bowl and add the Capriccio cheese, whisking together well. Grease a pan with a drizzle of oil and quickly sauté the carrots, adding the pasta and the spinach pesto. Mix together well and serve.

AICI – Associazione Insegnanti di Cucina Italiana

Rosella Mengozzi’s recipe